Dog Is Desperate For Belly Rubs. What He Did About It — Unreal!

This smart Beagle named Skippy can’t go on for the rest of the day without the loving belly rub from his human. Desperate times call for desperate measure.

So the adorable Beagle decided to embark on an epic adventure: follow his owner to work. Skippy’s owner works as an English teacher at Hingham High School.

“He was walking around the building trying to get in the doors,” Tom Ford, a police officer patrolling the school, told The Dodo. “Someone let him in the building, but we didn’t know who he belonged to at first. Then someone on staff recognized him as Carol’s dog, Skippy.”

Since Marshall was busy teaching her class, Officer Ford happily graced the adorable pup what he came to the school for: lots and lots of belly rubs. In the photo below, you’ll see how happy both Skippy and Officer Ford are!

“He wasn’t asking. He was demanding,” Ford said. “He’s very friendly.” Go to the next page to see our little dog’s misadventures, in the name of belly rubs people!


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