Dog goofs around WITH DEER. Very unlikely friendship!

It’s not just cats that dogs are capable of getting along with. Apparently, they can also enjoy the company of deer. This video shows a very happy and energetic Rottweiler running alongside a deer up and down a fence.

It appears that the Rottweiler is very eager to be friends with the deer and I think the deer feels the same too. If she didn’t like the Rottweiler, she could have just run away deep into the forest and never come back.

Instead, she chose to run alongside him even if the fence divides them. This is absolutely priceless.

I am not sure what it is wit Rotties and their friendliness towards the deer species, as this is certainly not the first time something like this has happened.

Check out this rottweiler madly running back and forth alongside a doe. Their unlikely friendship is really cute!!


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