Sweetest Dog Groomer Caught Happily Dancing With Client’s Dog!


A dog groomer is stealing hearts of dog lovers and owners all over the world after he was caught happily busting moves with a client’s dog. He must really love his job!

Move over Barber Of Seville. Away into the night John Travolta and your antics from Hair. There’s a new swinging groomer in town and this one has hot Argentinian blood running through his veins.

Meet Luis Antonio Caballero, a foxtrot barber with a swing to his hips and a tune to his heart. This Argentinian dog groomer won’t just wash and trim your pooch, he’ll treat him to a canine cha-cha-cha of the first order.

Caballero, the owner of PetShop Perrito Feliz in Buenos Aires, along with his wife Gabriela, was recently captured on film while he was washing a longtime client’s dog.

Unable to keep his tango roots in check, and with the B52s picking up the beat of “Love Shack” in the background, Caballero started to strut his stuff.

Turn to the next page to see awesome video of dog groomer dancing with a dog he’s grooming.


  1. How nice to see that the dog groomer is happily dancing with his client’s dog. And I love and happy to bring my dog with this kind of dog groomer ‘coz I’m assured that my dog is safe and sound with his hand. 🙂


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