Dog Who Turned Hairless From Neglect Has The Best Reaction To Finding A Forever Home

Even when things get rough, dogs have this admirable strength to overcome them and bounce back! They are a hard bunch to break.

Adam was rescued from a home outside of Tallahassee, Florida. He was in a very bad situation, living in a dirty house with 54 other dogs. Thankfully, they were rescued by the ASPCA.

Poor Adam was so neglected he was pink and hairless from sores; his skin chipped away from scabies that came from severe neglect. ASPCA did not expect Adam to make it.

But after weeks of antibiotic and medicated baths, Adam changed! His bubbly personality came out little by little. It was remarkable that a dog who suffered such hardship would have that kind of personality.

“He was among the worst cases I’ve seen in my many years in animal welfare,” John Robinson, division manager of Escambia County Animal Services, said in a statement. “Aside from his poor physical condition, he was extremely fearful and undersocialized, and showed signs of depression and stress.”

Just as Adam was settling in nicely into ASPCA, Hurricane Irma was approaching Florida and he had to be evacuated to a shelter in a different state.

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