Dog Who Turned Hairless From Neglect Has The Best Reaction To Finding A Forever Home

Adam found himself in Providence Animal Center (PAC) in Pennsylvania. While it may seem like was once again down on his luck, changing shelter is actually the beginning of his journey to a forever home.

Around the same time Adam arrived at PAC, Pat and Chuck Feldman are looking to add a new four-legged family member. They already have other pets so they have to adopt a pupper that suits their family.

The Feldmans have two dogs, Cooper and Mocha; and three cats. They need to adopt a dog who can play with their younger dog Cooper but sensitive enough not to butt heads with 8-year-old Mocha. He also needs to be cool with cats.

“She thought Adam’s playfulness would be good for Cooper but he would be respectful and gentle with our older girl,” Pat Feldman told The Dodo. “My son and I took our two dogs to the center to meet [him]. The dogs were first introduced through the fence and when that went well, Adam came into the play yard where we were.”

PAC recommended Adam to the family so they scheduled a meet and greet. Pat brought her dogs to the shelter to meet Adam and it went smoothly.

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