Dog Who Turned Hairless From Neglect Has The Best Reaction To Finding A Forever Home

The Feldmans decided to invite Adam to their home. As soon as Adam arrived at the Feldman yard, he pretty much bounced in happiness at the sight of his new home.

“To say he came into the yard is an understatement,” Feldman recalled. “It was more like he bounced into the yard. He seemed so happy, even the volunteer who was there with us said she had never seen him act that way.”

Right then and there, the Feldman knew he was theirs. They adopted him that same afternoon! They changed his name from Adam to Astro.

Astro still has some issues. He is afraid of people, especially men. But with love, understanding and help from his trainers, Astro is definitely adjusting to his new life!

I hope this story inspires more people to adopt a dog. Even though rescues had a rough start, they could be just what you need to bring love and peace into your family.

H/T The Dodo

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