Dog Kisses Can Be Good For You! Here Are 8 Reasons Why!

One of the best feelings in the world is arriving at home, and seeing your dog running to the door to greet you. Whether you’ve been gone for two hours or two weeks, they’re always excited to you.

But the greetings are always accompanied by attempts to lick your face. Sometimes, they are successful, sometimes they aren’t depending on how guarded you are.

Some people welcome slobbery kisses, some don’t! There are dog owners who train their dogs against licking people’s faces, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But if dog kisses make you happy, there are scientific reasons why that’s so!

Turn to the next page to see why dog kisses are totally good for you. You’ll be surprised–or maybe not! Dog owners tend to know their dogs very well 😉


  1. thank you, glad they are good for us officially ! I have 4 smallish dogs and they all give me kisses. They really help me cheer up if a bit down. I knew I had made a friend in a rescue from Romania when I got kisses ! Was a wonderful feeling, bless him. Shall try some food additions too, slowly. Great articles. Thanks

  2. Weve seven lil gurls n one big gurl who thinks shes as tiny as the others. We love them all as they do us. We dont know what wed do without any of them. Weve adopted some and rescued four and they are aged 15yrs to 2yrs. I enjoy taking one or another to the store as they are our therapy and love to share them as we shop. We take our oldest with us as shes so small and people think shes a stuffy lol, then shell lick her lips and we get al great kind of reactions from folk. Taffee is a tri-terrier mix. Bella is our big gurl at 2yrs old, when she loves us it takes two licks and were clean and shell sit on my hubbys lap and she wont get down til everyone else gets their loveins in too. Well take one or another to visit Mom and some of the other folks where she lives now. They may be small but they’ve got the biggest hearts and always send people off from a visit with big smiles. Thats rewarding too.


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