Dog Left At Shelter With Heartbreaking Note Says He Was ”Loved”

Sometimes, we are forced to give up someone we love so much over things that’s out of our control. That’s why encourage everyone to go over some things before they decide to adopt a dog.

First of all, dogs are not disposable. They are forever. They feel and hurt.

Buddy, a poodle mix, was left at the Henry County Humane Society in Geneseo, Illinois with a heartbreaking note. Although it said they loved him very much, they didn’t have a choice but to leave him at the shelter. He unfortunately outgrew the apartment he was living in.
When you leave them at the doorstep of a shelter full of animals who are confused and in grief, they can’t help but feel such emotions as well. Although you have good intentions, it doesn’t change the fact that he isn’t part of your family anymore.

Turn to the next page to read heartbreaking note. It’s just so sad.


  1. The people who got this dog should have thought about how big he was going to be before taking him home. You can usually tell what size a dog is going to be by the size of the feet. Not always, but usually. They should have asked someone how big they thought the dog would get.


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