3 Things To Do When Your Dog Is Nervous Around Strangers

It’s common for people to be nervous around dogs but what many people don’t consider is that dogs have feelings too. Your dog can get nervous around new people and it has to be taken seriously.

If you ignore a pup’s anxiety, it might cause them to snap. He will bark at you or worse.

As a human companion, you have to protect your pup at all times. You have to ensure that they are doing well both physically and emotionally.

Therefore, it is very important that you ensure your pup is comfortable around strangers. Sadly, a lot of dogs lovers do not realize that their desire to approach or pet a dog could be making the dog comfortable.

As a dog owner, it is your duty to ensure that people treat your puppy right. Go to the next page to see how!


  1. Another way to make the pup you want to greet is to get down on the floor and offer the back of your hand as if it were a paw to be sniffed by the pup. If the pup {or}dog turns or back away back away yourself! I have found that this is the best method possible!


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