3 Things To Do When Your Dog Is Nervous Around Strangers

First, make meeting new people fun for your pup by preparing quality treats like chicken and bacon. Advise strangers to drop the treat on the floor instead of hand feeding your dog until they get comfy.

Secondly, don’t let people bend over or reach out to your furry buddy. This will make them feel unsafe and nip whatever body part is in close proximity.

Lastly, discourage people from approaching your pup. When your pup backs away and then lifts a paw, that’s a sign of stress. Instead, allow your dog to approach them first.

These are basic manners around dogs to make them feel safe and to keep other people safe from nips and bites. Make the world a friendlier place for your pooch!

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  1. Another way to make the pup you want to greet is to get down on the floor and offer the back of your hand as if it were a paw to be sniffed by the pup. If the pup {or}dog turns or back away back away yourself! I have found that this is the best method possible!


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