Is Your Dog The Next Big Thing? 5 Tips To Get Your Dog Into Show Business!!

Derek Zoolander once stated: “well I guess it all started the first time I went through the second grade. I caught my reflection in a spoon while I was eating my cereal, and I remember thinking “wow, you’re ridiculously good looking, maybe you could do that for a career.”

It’s time, especially if you’re having American Top Model withdrawal, to get your doggy a modeling gig. Just look at Lassie and that mut from Frasier, if they can score it big why not your adorable pooch?

There is nothing like swagging around town, knowing and flaunting your Cindy Crawford Pitbull, doing a “magnum” pose. Here are some tips to turning you adorable pooch into a super model!

1. Model profile: Snap some photos (well-lit, up close and personal. If you don’t have the dough for a professional do them yourself). Arm your puppy with a model sheet; different montages and what tricks he has on his repertoire.

2. Get an Agent: Contact agencies in your area.

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