Dog Obesity – Life Threatening Conditions Hidden Under the Fat.


Did you know that last year an estimated 53% of all dogs in the United States were life threatening obese? We have all heard the dangers of being overweight for ourselves, so why do we continuously lead our pets down the same road? Over the past few years, experts claim that people who are obese themselves often have obese pets.

It has been believed that unhealthy life styles of these individuals are passed down to their pets. Truth be told, even the most healthy individual can own a hefty pet.

So are people really to blame for this increase in dog obesity or are their unknown health conditions hidden under all that fat?

Did you know hormones play a part in regulating body metabolism? Therefore dogs which have recently had a decrease in hormones production due to surgical removal or reproductive organs will gain weight seemingly overnight. Spayed or neutered related obesity is the most common underlying cause for weight gain.

After surgical recovery dogs are advised to be switched to a lower calorie percentage food and engage in more activity than before.

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