Dog Passes Out From Too Much Happiness!

Casey the Schnauzer only sees her human sister Rebecca during the holidays because she was studying to be a communication major at Kent State University. The poor Schnauzer is lonely every time her best bud goes back to college.

However, things took a turn for the worse when Rebecca decided to embark on a trip to Slovenia in 2008 and didn’t come home for 2 years.

On July 23 this year, Rebecca finally came back her from her 2-year-long trip. Rebecca’s family was so happy to see her back home, but no one is quite as delighted as the household pooch/ Rebecca’s best friend!

The pooch was so happy to see her gal pal she hasn’t seen in forever that she screamed and howled and PASSED OUT on the process.

Turn to the next page to see the endearing reunion of Casey and her sister / best friend Rebecca.


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