Dog Pokes Head Out Of The Gate With Toy In His Mouth, Then They Notice A Sign!

Dogs are social animals. They make friends wherever they go. Sometimes, they are too friendly they are downright unreliable to guard the house.

But dogs are more than just companions. They are more than stewards of safety for your property. They also spread cheers and joy everywhere.

Caterina Dellabona was going about her day when she noticed a peculiar sign on the gate of one of the houses she passed by. This story took place in Italy.

The sign, in Italian, read, “Please don’t throw the toy on the cacti (the dog will hurt itself). Throw either left or right thanks.”

She was confused. What toy? For who?

A friendly dog suddenly appeared and reared it’s adorable head out of the gate. He had a toy in his mouth!

That’s when Caterina realized what the sign meant. The friendly dog looked at them with those big puppy eyes, ready to play! Turn to the next page for more.


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