Dog Runs Away From Abusive Home. What Happens Next Is An Adventure That Will Melt Your Heart.

Life is terrible for Baxter the dog. His owners are constantly fighting, he’s chained up outside and not very well taken care of.

In this hauntingly beautiful ad by Blue Cross Animal Charity, poor Baxter struggles to break away from the shackles of a broken home and embarks on an epic journey to find a new home, all while singing Gloria Gaynor’s hit song ‘’I Will Survive.’’

Along the way, he meets friends who helped him find his way to a new family. Shortly after he ran away, he met a bunny with its perky ears and red eyes, and together they journeyed.

Then he meets a dog, and another dog and another; until his gang grew. All the animals that accompanied him through his journey has helped him find a new family and a forever home!

Go to the next page to watch the story unfold. It starts out sad but the ending is so heartwarming and beautiful. If only every dog has a way to fend for themselves and walk away from it all when they end up to a family like this.


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