My Dog Sneezes When Excited. Is This Normal?

Does your dog sneeze when he greets you at the door? Or when he encounters other dogs during a walk around the neighborhood? Then he’s probably super excited.

A dog sneezing in excitement is a perfectly normal behavior. The playful sneeze is a dog’s way of telling other animals or even you, his favorite human, that he wants to play.


But how do you know that your dog is sneezing in excitement and not because he’s sick? There are a lot of factor that can cause a dog to sneeze such as allergies, irritation, and bacterial and viral infection but these conditions have symptoms that can easily be identified.

If the sneeze is accompanied by nasal and/or ear discharge, obstructed breathing, scratching and fever it is critical that you not mistake that for playful sneezing. Something more than that could be amiss – but there are telltale clues you can look for.

Read more of the story and learn how to recognize when sneezing is more than “cute”. We tell you more things you need to know on the next page.


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