Family Falls Head Over Heels For Dog Treated So Poorly All His Life

Kobe, a neglected pup placed in a shelter, finally found the perfect foster family. He was abandoned by his previous owners, skinny to the bones.

Fortunately, a Maryland couple, Sean Stinchcomb and his wife Jane, temporarily adopted him and gave him hope for a better life. Kobe can’t stop SMILING!

Kobe is about four years old. His first taste of freedom was a McDonald’s ice cream cone that his new parents bought him on his ride home from the shelter. That alone placed a smile on Kobe´s face.

The Stinchcomb couple also has two Pits and four cats who have became Kobe´s best friends. Since that moment, he’s experienced nothing but fun and games, clearly displayed by his constant tail thumping and effusive smiles.

It can be interpreted that he feels safe, loved and protected; feelings that are well deserved and overdue. For the first time, Kobe has a family who loves him and cares about him.  Go to the next page to see Kobe’s smile!


  1. i understand, but what a shame he cannot stay with them, and his 2 other friends that live there, such a shame, bless the people for loving him

  2. Yes such a shame he cannot stay with them as gets on so well with the other dogs and cats and even looks like them , I think they will change there mind and keep .

  3. I predict a “foster failure” in their future.. I have failed and kept two of my foster dogs so far… He looks like he has already found his permanent home.

  4. Love this sweet pup! He is very handsome, as are his foster siblings. The photos are awesome! I especially like the one of him with his foster mom (?) and that sweet smiley face! That one is priceless!!!

  5. I hope they will change their minds and keep him…why make him so happy o nly to break his heart again..please please please keep him!

  6. I hope they will ecide to keep him..why bring him such happiness only to break his heart again..he doesn’t know he was “temporarily adopted”..all he knows is these people saved him and are good to him..not to mention his new found “furry family”…please please please keep him…

  7. Just an fyi I posted this comment twice and it never went forward so I will try one more time…
    I hope against hope that they will decide to keep Kobe…they made him so happy..he doesn’t know he was “temporarily adopted” all he knows is they are good to him and care about him and he is happy and safe..not to mention his two ne3 “furry family friends” please please keep him..I have 2 rescues myself or I would jump at the chance….

  8. Please keep him, he has been through enough. Imagine his sadness, if you let him go and he might be abuse again, I beg you , keep him

  9. I wish they would keep him, and worry that he might be mistreated again. I know I don’t have a right to say that, since I am not stepping up to adopt him, but he sure does seem like a perfect fit for that wonderful & loving family. Why is it called a temporary adoption, instead of a foster situation. Maybe they really do have adoption in mind. Thank you, sweet family for showing him what a loving family can be!


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