26 Funny Dog Tweets You Wish You Thought Of!

In the age of social media, it’s rather common to see something so simple yet so utterly genius, it makes you wish you could have thought of it. ”Ah, why didn’t I?”

Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of 25 best dog tweets we’ve come across as we were scrolling through Twitterverse! With a dash of luck, wit/sarcasm, and good humor, these dog tweets burst people into laughter and consequently made their day!

So here we go! And don’t forget to share the love!

26. The best present a homesickness-prone college-bound dog owner could ever ask for!

25. Best sign ever!

24. When you look at your dog and see that he’s on fire, only to realize later on that he’s actually not on fire and that it’s just your eyes playing tricks on you!

23. That moment when you realize your mom is far crazier than previously thought.



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