Dog Wins ‘’Employee Of The Quarter’’ Award For A Year

Being called a good dog is not enough to show Meeka just how amazing she is. Her dad put up a wall of awards to prove that she’s the best dog!

Ever since Meeka’s dad, Michael Reeg, started working from home for a company called Accuride, he finds his surroundings a little too quiet than what he is used to. But Meeka was there to keep him company and make each day livelier.

“Transitioning to a home-based position was quite a change,” Reeg shared with The Dodo. “It’s quiet here. You need to get yourself fired up and excited about the day. Having a faithful companion in the office certainly helps.”

There are three employees at Reeg’s home office: himself, Meeka and another dog named Kya. Between the two dogs, Meeka definitely stood out! Therefore, Meeka has snatched best employee award every quarter.

Turn to the next page to see a wall of award dedicated by a man to his dog. It’s funny and heartwarming!


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