Diligent Golden Retriever Helps Clean The House

Mop the floor, get the BBQ ready, shine the windows and clean up after the kids. Everyday tasks that continuously sap the life out of everyone.

But the rich and famous can manage to pass on to their handy butlers and house maids. In this story, however, the family managed to pass on a menial task to their Golden Retriever!

A series of chores that, as you grow older and maturity sets in, only increase in volume. Sometimes, what we mostly feel most envious of the rich, are not their lavish yachts or their indoor swimming pools, let alone their Gulf stream jets.

Nope, it is their capacity to employ a crew of house keepers and maids akin to that of “Downtown Abbey.”

Like seriously, who doesn’t want a maid to cater to your every whim?

We all need a helping hand with these minimal burdens with the daily grind of everyday existence. But because not all of us can afford the help of a house maid, we find help in ingenious ways. This family found a way to utilize their Golden Retriever!

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