Diligent Golden Retriever Helps Clean The House

Each dead weight enterprise robbing us of considerable time in front of the TV. Thankfully, our best companies (the family Golden Retriever in this case) are finally perking up and listening to our mournful souls.

Grace, the Golden Retriever, has been rather attentive of her master’s eternal list of errands and exercise.

The adorable Golden Retriever has decided to put in her two cents and contribute to the constant war effort against bed bugs and ill mannered dust devils.

All the Golden Retriever asks in return, per her syndicate’s regulation – lest her owner be tried for animal slavery – is a treat. One per hour, nothing more.

That will keep those doggy cartels at bay. Nothing worse than Yorkshire-employed lawyers. But that is wishful thinking. We all know Golden Retrievers are smart, but they are not smart enough to sue people LOL

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