10+ Dogs Who Love To Swim Through Leaves

It’s that time of the year again; the time for dramatic foliage as leaves prepare to fall out to pave way for winter.

While it is a beautiful season, it can also be a gloomy and depressing time of the year. But one of the unexpected joys of autumn is the pile of leaves that we can jump in and drown into.

Of course, dogs love it too! Dogs do a lot of silly things and it’s not always such a bad thing.

In fact, their foolishness and fun-loving personality makes them truly likable. Dogs are like this flurry of mess that sucks you into their world of madness.

We have rounded up dogs who can’t get enough of leaves. Your welcome.

1. This is Butch. His owner just finished raking in the pile of leaves when the adorable canine decided to jump in and out of the neat pile, creating more mess to clean.

At least his owner got a lot from it. I hope that makes the cleaning worthwhile.

More videos of dogs diving into leaves n the next page!


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