Dogs Saved From Euthanasia Are Paying It Forward

We’ve heard many amazing stories how humans saved the lives of dogs and they are amazing. What many of us don’t realize is that saving a dog’s life is a two way street.

They could put their new lease on life to good use even if they were once rejected, sick, badly behaved or whatever reason they were dumped in the shelter in the first place.

An animal sanctuary in Star Prairie, Wisconsin is helping animals give back to the community by training them to become therapy dogs! The sanctuary is home to over 200 animals who can’t find a forever home due to old age, disabilities, recurring diseases and behavioral issues.

The dogs in the sanctuary are never caged and can run free. They have staff manning the place round the clock and all year round.

The dogs make rounds in places such as hospices, hospitals, nursing homes and the like to be an inspiration to the old, sick, dying, women and children who are victims of domestic abuse, at-risk youth in a detention facility and even soldiers at the Minneapolis VA Poly-Trauma Unit, who came back broken from Afghanistan and Iraq.

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