Driver Kicks Sleeping Dog Out Of His Parking Space—But Karma Gets Him!

The disdained dog and his pack of canines chewed the bodywork and windscreen wipers. It is almost as if they were literally tasting the bittersweet taste of vengeance.

A neighbor took photos of the dogs’ rampage and showed the photos to the car’s owner. They served as evidence that the dents and marks on his cars are caused by a pack of hounds, not people or any of his neighbors.

Not sure what the car owner’s thought on the matter is but if there’s a takeaway from this incident, it will be along the lines of “thou shalt not mess with dogs.”

The next time you feel like being rude to a dog, ask yourself this: is it worth it? What if this dog comes back with vengeance?

Trust me, it’s not impossible. We just showed you how it’s gonna be when they do.

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