Driver Sees Distressed Dog Clawing At A Box Taped Shut But Nothing Can Prepare Him For What’s In It!

We hear so many stories of neglect, abuse and abandonment of animals. On the other hand, it’s always heartwarming to hear these animals make it through.

A good Samaritan was driving through a road when a peculiar scene caught his eye. A distressed dog is clawing at a box right next to said road.

He decided to stop and help her out. Upon inspecting the box, he was surprised to see that it was taped shot.

He knew immediately that something is amiss and hurriedly opened the box. To his surprise, there are four puppies inside. From the looks of it, the distressed dog clawing at the box is probably their mom.

The box was small, about one feet long. The puppies were packed like a can of sardines inside. Thankfully it was winter so the arrangement worked out for them somehow.

The puppies kept each other warm and alive as mama dog was desperately looking for a way to free them.

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