English Bulldog Barks At Ghost To Warn Girl In Horror Flick

The Witch’s Day is just a couple of hours away and this English Bulldog is getting attuned with the festivities.

Why is this dog so frightened? What’s putting the wind up this puppy’s backside? What has got him in such a state of panic?

This English Bulldog is an adorable, 4-year-old, English Bulldog. Her name is Khaleesi. Sadly, Khalessi doesn’t exude the same bravery as her namesake, the mother of dragons.

This English Bulldog is deathly afraid of scary stories. In particular she cannot stand a good horror movie.

She simply goes insane, with fright and dread, while watching a fine film with her master.

Go to the next page to see a pup watch a horror movie, and her incredible reaction to the apparition lingering on the screen!


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