High Fence Cannot Stop Tiny Dog From Getting Back In The Yard–And It’s Impressive!

Once, he reaches the top, he eagerly jumps to the other side where his companions are impatiently waiting for him. They reunite in one solid bark and run away into the house.

We should learn from this single-minded hairy friend. These adorable wiggle butts are becoming too smart, our silly fences can’t stop them anymore.

Watch him in action below. Isn’t it absolutely impressive?

The fascinating thing about this dog isn’t just the fact that he made it to the other side of the fence. It’s how he did it.

Some dogs are able to pull through the ordeal by being bigger or muscular or naturally good at jumping. However, this pooch we have here is a potato who wiggled his way between a fence and a post. Flip to the next page for more.

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