Dog Leaves Toy In The Yard. You Won’t Believe Who Comes Along And Plays With It.


This is one of those moments so rare you had to be extremely lucky to take a photo of it, yet alone have enough time to grab your phone and film the entire thing.

Even for someone who’s out in the great outdoors a lot, it’s still quite unusual to stumble across a wild fox. The saying “sly as a fox” exists for a good reason. They are not the most common species to encounter.

But every now and then, an opportunity that comes only once in a blue moon happens right before our eyes. Case in point: Youtuber Ardes Gayangos Ng got really lucky and witnessed a fox playing with a dog toy in his yard, and it was absolutely beautiful!

We perceive foxes as these sneaky creatures with high predatorial instincts but there’s actually a side to them that wants to play and have fun.

When Ng’s dog Lupe, a Cheewenie (a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund) left one of his dog toys in the yard, a fox came and played with it like any regular dog would. The fox unleashed the playful inner dog in him as he tosses the doll high up the air and then attempts to catch it as it lands.

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