From Death Row To Hero: Shelter Pit Bull Has A Cool New Job!

Meet Libby, one incredible Pit Bull whose life was transformed by the kindness of one woman. Just four years ago, Libby was born to a litter of puppies at an animal shelter in Texas; the whole litter was slated to be put down.

But thanks to the compassion of Marcia Poitter, she was given a new lease on life and has just recently finished her training to become a police dog.

In 2011, Poitter was the volunteer director of Operations Pets Alive, a rescue group. Due to their negative stereotypes, pit bulls aren’t normally rescued by the group but Poitter stepped in to prevent Libby from being euthanized.

Because she had developed a bond with the dog and just couldn’t leave her behind. If it wasn’t for her kindness and efforts, the Texas police won’t have a K-9 trained to sniff out narcotics right now.

Libby is a bit more energetic than most dogs her breed and age, and that meant Poitter had to go an extra mile and foster the dog herself, raising Libby for her first three years. “Libby was a little different from the dogs that I normally pick for rescue. She was more exuberant and played hard. I would call her high energy,” Poitter told the Houston Chronicle.

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