Gentle Rottweiler Wrestles with Chihuahua Pups

Watching a large breed such as the Rottweiler wrestle with a smaller breed like these super tiny Chihuahua puppies, the former without hurting the latter, is just heartwarming. This video really made me go awww!

According to YouTube video owner Gonni15, the trio plays with each other every day!”Great majority of rottweilers and pit bulls are gentle souls,” commenter Kartik Chandrasekhar wrote on the video’s comments section. Amen, man, amen!

I really love this video, and it’s not only because it’s cute. It’s also sending us a very important lesson; that all animals are capable of getting along even if they are not of they same species.

A huge Rottweiler and a very tiny Chihuahua together–there’s no way you won’t find that adorable. The tiny Chihuahua is definitely safe in the hands of his big buddy!

This is proof that large dog breeds can get along just fine with smaller breed if they grew up in the hands of a loving owner who taught them good values.

Large dogs can co-exist with anyone and anything if they are properly trained.


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