German Shepherd Fetches Ball. A Surprise Awaits When He Brings It Back!

A German Shepherd plays fetch when his human intentionally threw the ball really far. She did that on purpose so it would take some time for the adorable dog to find it.

They have a surprise for him so it’s imperative he doesn’t come back as fast as he usually does. This dog has some speed!

When he got back, his soldier dad who was deployed far from home suddenly appeared and the dog’s reaction is just priceless. Talk about an amazing bond.

So glad to see them reunited! It doesn’t matter if you’re gone for a week or for a year, your dog will miss you all the same. It’s always nice to come home to a household with a dog, unless he loves jumping on you and you’re wearing an all-white outfit.

Go to the next page to see just how delighted the German Shepherd is upon the sight of his solider dad back home at last!


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