Golden Retriever Realizes They Are Leaving Pet Store, Adorably Sabotages Departure Plan!

To dogs, a pet store is the closest thing to heaven. Rufio, a Golden Retriever, was shopping at at local pet store with mom.

So when mom has done what she came to the pet store to do, she was prepared to leave the store. Of course, that means her dog Rufio also has to leave with her.

But Rufio is not having none of that. He wants to stay in doggie heaven forever!

Golden Retrievers are known for their goofy personalities. They are loyal and obedient–but not all the time.

Therefore, he attempted to sabotage mom’s plan. Turn to the next page to see how the Golden retriever adorably pulls off his masterful plan.


  1. Well, I do not know what an animal would think was so wonderful about a pet store as I have not taken either of my dogs inside. Tell me, does the dog smell that other dogs have been there as the food to tightly sealed. I think I would have asked my dog why he does not want to leave; tell him I love him and want him with me and give him a little time to answer. If he still did not want to leave I may have said, “Goodbye” and walked toward the door. If he side did not follow, I would walk outside like I was leaving him always. I have had a dog that would not get into the van right away, he wanted to smell around, but when he saw I was backing out of the driveway and was going to leave him he changed his mind very quickly

  2. There are usually open compartments where you can scoop your own amount into a bag. Perhaps that is what they don’t want to leave.

  3. Marlene,

    My dogs, and I have owned many over the last 40 years,can easily smell unopened bags of dog food. When I buy smaller bags of dog treats from the grocery store, no matter how well-sealed the bags may be, my dogs zero right in on any grocery bag that contains them. Dogs have an unbelievable sense of smell. Then, too, pet stores usually have bins of dog bones and other treats which you can be sure the dogs can smell.

    Marlene, I suggest you take your loyal dogs into a pet store, let go of the leash, and see where your dogs head. You’ll be in for a surprise. Your dogs won’t be as quick to follow you as you think. This isn’t a relative’s house you’re visiting, where your dogs are afraid they might get left behind. This is a PET STORE, where dogs can smell tasty goodies THROUGH even the most well-sealed bags.

    The dog in this video is well-groomed and obviously well-loved, and I suspect was used to having his way with his loving owner. Thus he felt safe putting the breaks on. LOL.


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