Jealous Great Dane Throws Big Tantrum Over New Puppy In Mom’s Arms

The giant dog used his paws to call mom’s attention before eventually mounting her by the shoulders to get her attention. ‘’Do you still love me mom?’’ the Great Dane looked at her in despair.

Mom assured him that he’s just being melodramatic. She calmly removed the Great Dane’s paws off her shoulders, which I assume is not as easy as it looks.

Imagine all that weight on you!!! WOW. Check out awesome video below.

I love how mom handled the situation. Also, she’s crazy strong! I would tip over if that titanic of a dog placed his entire upper body weight on me. Like dog, no.

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  1. The lady with the great dame; Tell me how you would like it if your mom brought in another child and loved on it without including you. First, let the other dogs see the new one, tell them this is a new friend for them, let the puppy snuggle against them, maybe have the great Dane sit on the couch next to you and pet both while reassuring the other dogs this puppy is for their friend

  2. WRONG REACTION FROM THE OWNER. I would have knocked that dog into next week for dissing me in that fashion. That is one big dog that clearly does not respect his owner at all and needs to be taught respect – BADLY. NO DOG should be allowed to shove a human around in that fashion.

    • Wow…Winkie. I would knock you into forever I see you hit a dog because it ‘seems’ to be jealous. Bet you beat your dog into submission if it has an accident on the floor of your mommy’s basement .

    • You “Would have knocked that dog into next week”? Sincerely hope you do not or ever will own a dog. The owner handles the situation badly, but, physically harming the dog as you would do is completely wrong.. Dogs NEVER need to be hurt to be trained. This owner made this dog jealous. The owner was childish herself. Read mARLENE’s reply above. She is exactly correct.

    • This dog likely “hugged” his mom and that’s what he was wanting from her here, especially since she was holding a puppy the dane was likely jealous. I really hope you don’t own any pets. You sound like an animal abuser or at least one in the making.

  3. Lighten up Winkie– he was simply a little jealous. Yes, he’s big but he didn’t hurt her, how do you think he “dissed” her? He obviously loves her and wants his share of the attention. I think she handled it great, it’s one of my favorite videos.

  4. winkie, I hope you don’t own any dogs or any animals for that matter. Knock the dog into next week? You are a disgrace. You are the reason we see maladjusted dogs at the shelter. Shame! The owner in the video did exactly the right thing. The dog is an overgrown puppy, that’s all. I imagine if your baby/toddler threw a temper tantrum, you’d knock it into next week? Just pitiful. Anyone even remotely related to you gets the short end of the stick, so to speak.


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