Gripping Story Shows The Sad Reality About Adopting A Dog

Dogs have feelings, they hurt … and for once, try putting yourself in their shoe as you watch your family drive away leaving you in the middle of nowhere. It hurts, right?

By sharing this video, you are doing your part in educating people that getting a dog is a major decision. The pup is a new addition to your family and a huge responsibility.

Some people who are smitten by dogs do not seem to understand the ensuing lifetime of responsibility that comes with getting one. By reminding them of such, this could change many dogs’ lives for the better.

It’s sad how some families think that dogs are disposable. Check out the video below and be reminded what dogs should be to us.

We have to take responsibility for our actions. By education people on responsible pet ownership, we are doing our share in raising awareness of the lifetime responsibility that comes with adding an animal member to the family.

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  1. OMG! This left me in volumes of tears. We see this time and again at our no-kill shelter. It’s so very sad. Sometimes the dogs never recover. Please! Please! Please! Adopt, don’t shop. When you do, if you are not prepared to give a lifetime of love to your dog, even in the most trying of times, don’t adopt at all. Thank you.

  2. This video made me cry buckets of tears! Please people, adopt, don’t shop. Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment, not to be taken lightly. If you cannot give these precious pets a lifetime of love and loyalty as they give you, even during the trying times, don’t do it at all. Thank you.


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