Pack of Puppies Crushes Lucky Guy! You’d Be So Jealous Of This!

If there’s anything on earth that had to chase you, what would you want it to be? Is money? Is it fame? Perhaps women if you’re a man and men if you’re a woman? If there’s one person I envy the most right now, it’s the guy.

If I had to be overwhelmed by anything, I’d love it to be a pack of pug puppies. Nothing beats the tender loving care that warm puppies can provide–an opinion that comes with a lot of bias because I am a dog lover.

If I were to be crushed by anything, I’d rather it be puppies than anything else. There’s nothing more beautiful than death by puppies, although I am 100 percent sure that no one has ever died from puppy love.

Although death by puppies? Wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to pass on to the next life? That’s probably every dog and pet lover’s dream–drowning themselves in the fluffy bliss made of fur, tiny teeth and mega cuteness.

Click next page to watch the video. You won’t regret ever laying eyes on it. If I would be crushed to death by anything, please let it be puppies! What a way to go down.


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