Best Harlem Shake Ever: Puppy Edition

The infamous Harlem Shake may be old, but puppies’ cuteness never go out of style. Check out this bunch of furry buddies doing their own version of the dance craze. It’s best version I have ever seen yet!

There have been many versions of the Harlem Shake by different people of all ages and from across all walks of life. These puppies seriously got some sick moves, at least in my eyes.

Nevertheless, I find this video the best version of  the infamous dance craze ince I am a dog lover and there are dogs in this video. Don’t judge me.

And to be honest, I am quite uncomfortable with the amounds of naked men doing the Harlem Shake, although it’s my fault for giving them the satisfaction by watching their oiled up bodies and crazy moves in the first place. LOL!

The video starts with one puppy walking back and forth on his two feet. And then 14 seconds into the video, five more puppies get into the video and dances all over the place. Go to the next page to see the best Harlem shake in your life.


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