Heartbreaking Photos Reveal The Truth Behind Purebred Dogs. Must-See!!

Selective breeding has been around for thousands of years. It is responsible for preserving a wide array of breeds and even influence how they look like today.

There are several breeds that have been around for centuries–but how they look then and now are different, very different –some of which it’s almost as if they were not even the same breed. The photos we uncovered absolutely break our hearts, and it may leave you heartbroken as well.

Purebred dogs are bred to meet standards. They are expected to look a certain way and fit into ideal characteristics at the expense of their quality of life.

To preserve their lineage, they are practically turned into inbred mutants that are plagued with genetically inherited diseases.

Older images of certain dog breeds were published in a 1915 book called “Breeds of All Nations.” The images of different dog breeds published in the book were placed side by side with their modern day counterparts, and the result is just SHOCKING. It goes to show how much modern day dogs have mutated, and for the worse at that.

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