Hilarious Compilation Of When Cats Were Total Jerks And Stole The Dog’s Bed


It’s a rivalry as old as time. Either you’re a dog person or you’re a cat person. If you’re following this website, chances are, we know which side of this battle you’re on. Regardless of your opinion, there’s no way you won’t love this video.

Dogs are generally known to be loving, caring, and sometimes goofy creatures that always want to cuddle and be near you. Cats on the other hand, well…a majority of them aren’t exactly keen on sharing their personal space.

If you’ve ever had a cat in the household, you know that they pretty much like to do everything on their own terms. If they want something, they’ll bug you until they get it. If they want attention, they’ll let you know when it’s okay to pet them. And when they see a comfy sleeping area, they’ll take it over.

Just ask the dogs in the hilariously adorable compilation coming up. The dogs are so sweet that they don’t quite know how to react when their beds have been stolen. It’s quite the scene to witness.

Continue to the next page to see these “mean” cats that stole the family dog’s bed. It’s the dogs’ reactions that have us cracking up!


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