”If A Dog Wore Pants” Question Drove The Internet Nuts. Here Are The Best Reactions!

Last month, my internet feed, particularly those nerdy friends of mine that clutter my Facebook page, assaulted me with hundreds of gifs and memes depicting John Travolta.

After a while, skating past hundreds of Vincent Vegas became a chore. Well, I simply blackballed those blackguards until they went and defenestrated their Pulp Fiction fixation.

It seems as though Quentin Tarantino’s classic wasn’t the only obsession to swarm the busy ADD highways of the fiberoptic mainframe. Dogs with pants became a thing. Why on Earth it rocketed to such extreme is a mystery unto itself.

The people of Tumblr, Imgur, and Twitter instantly saw an opportunity to get their funny bones up and poke fun at the internet’s new philosophical quagmire. Sometimes laughter truly is the best medicine, especially when something is blown so far out of proportions that logic and sanity are by fly specs in the rearview mirror.

Go to the net page to see the best reaction!


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