Infographic Shows Important Factors You Should Look Into Before Buying A Dog Treat

Here’s a very interesting infographic about the qualities of a  good dog treat, courtesy of! Choosing the right treat for your dog is indeed just as important as choosing a safe and healthy food for him to eat every meal of the day.

5,600 dogs got sick or died from chinese jerky treats since 2007 and yet 86 million pounds of dog treats were imported from China in 2011 alone.

Don’t let your dog suffer, and if worse comes worst, die. Always check the label to ensure that you have these five qualifications before you buy a treat for your dog.
According to the infographic, a good treat has to meet the following criteria:

  1. Great taste
  2. Made in the USA
  3. No fillers
  4. Grain-free
  5. No fake stuff

Go to the next page to see the infographic in full. This will shed light on what truly makes a great dog treat. Believe it or not, thousands of dogs have died from bad dog treats.


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