Injured Dog Abandoned In Cramped Phone Booth Could Not Even Lie Down

Dogs are family. I can’t imagine giving up my dog, let alone abandoning him in a skimpy phone booth after getting hurt.

But that is what Barry, a Saluki, had to go through in the hands of his former owners. London-based animal rescuer Emma Semple got a call one Friday night about an abandoned dog.

When she got to the scene, her heart sank. Barry was in so much pain but he couldn’t lay down due to being inside a cramped box and having a short twine tied around her neck as a makeshift leash.

The poor dog was collapsed standing up. He was also standing on just three legs, avoiding weight on his right front legs. He was beat and clearly injured.

“He was exhausted and was trying to lay down but couldn’t because there wasn’t the space,” Semple told the Dodo.

Thanks to Semple, Barry was released from the glass box that was limiting him.

“I put my hand underneath him to pick him up and he just collapsed onto me,” she said. “I put him in the car and he went straight to sleep, he was just exhausted and in a really sorry state.”

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  1. I am so thankful in my heart for Barry’s improving health at the hands of the Semple’s, and of course the vet care he has received. I cannot even imagine the pain and heartbreak that Semple endured at the hands of his former owner, and them leaving him in a phone booth where he couldn’t even lay down. May God richly bless both Barry and the Semples going forward, both benefitting from the love and hope each gives the other.


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