Injured Dog Abandoned In Cramped Phone Booth Could Not Even Lie Down

Semple, who runs Furry Friend Rescue, knew that Barry needed immediate medical attention and rushed her to the vet.

“Barry’s shoulder was broken in half,” she explained, “after suffering a blunt force trauma, probably a road accident. He had old injuries where he’d scraped along the road that had started healing. The vet said he’d probably been left for one or two weeks without seeing a vet and, when he finally collapsed, they dumped him.”

The situation gets worse. He is also ridden with worms and fleas, and suffering from lung bruising that is the cause of his labored breathing.

Barry when he was found inside a phone booth.

Thankfully, the bruising will heal with time. 

Semple thinks that Barry suffered immense pain for one or two weeks. The scratches in his body have healed, but internally, there’s just so much injury and it’s causing him a lot of pain. 

When his family realized he as not going to recover, the decided to abandon him in the phone booth and leave him there to fend for himself. Flip to the next page to see how this story ends.

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  1. I am so thankful in my heart for Barry’s improving health at the hands of the Semple’s, and of course the vet care he has received. I cannot even imagine the pain and heartbreak that Semple endured at the hands of his former owner, and them leaving him in a phone booth where he couldn’t even lay down. May God richly bless both Barry and the Semples going forward, both benefitting from the love and hope each gives the other.


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