It Looks Like A Sleeping Bear– But Look Closely And You’ll Be Surprised!

Artists, taking their craft to the very edge of their faculties, may very well end up creating one of two things: a beautiful display that defies logic or a garish monster that defies good taste.

Such is the crux of a truly gifted mind, there is but a small limit that separates genius from insanity. Brilliance from stupidity. Elegance from crass.

One pain stroke, one chip too many or too less, one swipe and a Pollock may end up becoming nothing more than an ink-blot test. It is a very thin line and one that each artist must always walk.

Calvin Nicholls, a painter that has created world renowned pieces since 1989, knows too well about this precipitous and dangerous path. For more than 3 decades he has experimented with animal paintings.

Paintings so lifelike that they defy the very boundaries of the canvas. Each sculpture and 3d rendering, brought to life with a magnitude of tools and a surgeon’s grasp of techniques; nothing short of breathtaking. o to the next page to see Calvin’s incredible works.


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