Jack Russell Refuses To Leave Burning House, Then They Find Her With Kittens

A Jack Russell Terrier named Leo almost died during a house fire in Melbourne, Australia. Why? Because he refused to leave four newborn kittens behind.

It was difficult for the fire brigade to reach him and the kittens due to the fallen power lines that were in the way. But that didn’t stop the little pooch from staying with his kittens.

“Leo wouldn’t leave the kittens and it nearly cost him his life,” said Ken Brown of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade. Very touching.

Dogs and cats are thought to be nemesis but it’s nice to see of them break stereotypes. You won’t believe the insanely cute video in the next page.

While some people are at large stereotyping animals for their breed, species and who they can and can’t interact with– here’s Leo risking his life to save a litter of kittens.

No one told him to do so but he did anyway on his own accord because he feels something for the kittens — love and compassion. Even dogs are capable of high emotions.

Go to the next page to see our hero dog in action! He’s such a sweet dog with a golden heart, risking his own life to save kittens in his care.


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