Jack Russell Cliff Dives With Owner, And It’s Absolutely EPIC


An athletic Jack Russell Terrier is perhaps one of Malta’s most popular figures right. Why? Because she is an EXCELLENT cliff diver!

Titti the Jack Russell started making rounds on the internet a year ago after someone took a video of her cliff diving routine with her dad Carmelo Abela at St. Peter’s Pool in the island country of Malta. They are regulars at the diving area.

At first, the adorable Jack Russell was terrified of jumping off cliffs. However, after seeing her doting dad do it so many times, she eventually learned to love it. Now they do incredible routines together.

The two are inseparable. Their bond is so strong, it shows in the way they do their stunts.

Turn to the next page to see the amazing bond that exists between Titti the Jack Russell and her dad Carmelo!


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