What Does The Fox Say? Japan Village Inhabited By Foxes Attracts People From Around The World

A village in Japan attract a myriad of tourists every year and it’s not because of it’s beautiful architecture or rich culture or incredible food, which is the rather common cause for tourism.

What does the fox say? You’re about to find out.

The little Miyagi Zao Fox Village is home to hundreds of foxes. They are practically the inhabitants as they squeak all over the place. Yes, foxes squeak like a toy.

“The main reason to visit Fox Village is that they are just so darn cute,” JapanTravel.com wrote on their website.

The foxes are not wild but they aren’t necessarily domesticated either. There are around a hundred of them in the little village and they are very passionate about food.

Visitors who find themselves in this village are normally attracted by the foxes. These foxes may be a little bit tame but touching them is a big no no as they still have the tendency to nip when startles. They are still foxes after all.

Go to the next page to watch the little village inhabited by tame foxes. If you find yourself in Japan, would you give this village a visit? I would be like.. ”OMG FOXES!”


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