Imagine Going Out And Finding Your Dog Doing This!

Imagine this: you’re out with your dog and he disappears for a while. You look for him for a few minutes and then suddenly see signs of him in a nearby bush. You walk up to your dog and you find him enjoying caresses from a KANGAROO! Unlikely? Yes! Impossible? No!

Rottweilers do not only get along well with babies, toddlers and cats, but kangaroos too! Check out how this adorable Marsupial named Blue pets Trooper the Rottweiler. As one can deduce from Trooper’s face, he’s loving it too. Isn’t their friendship beautiful?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m surprised the kangaroo isn’t punching the Rottweiler and the latter has not used it’s powerful jaws on the marsupial. Their relationship is a little bit out of the ordinary but it’s not impossible.

“Blue the roo and Trooper my rotty pup, best of friends. This video I would like to share with you as it shows an amazing relationship between two species. I hope you enjoy it.”

Go to the next page to see the beautiful relationship between the Rottweiler and his kangaroo friend. They seem like they truly enjoy each other’s company and it’s beautiful beyond any words can express.


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