“‘It’s Disgusting!” Woman Screams At Veteran For Bringing His Service Dog Inside Delaware Restaurant

There is a federal law in the United States, the Americans With Disabilities Act, that mandates restaurants to admit customers with service animals.

Later, in an interview with Fox29, Miller said she is the victim of the video that went viral and viewed hundred of thousands of times on YouTube. She added that the dog was really big and his butt was on her face.

“The dog’s body was about the same height as the table. Basically, the butt was sitting in front of me at the table,” Miller said.

Therefore, he could not eat comfortably and something should have been done about it. However, when she complained, racial slurs were allegedly thrown her way.

She claims to have reacted the way she did because of how they treated her.

“6 or 7 people yelling out, (expletive) you, get that (expletive) out of here, making derogatory racial statements,” Miller told WTXF.

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  1. What is disgusting is the female POS that doesn’t know the law regarding VETERANS AND THEIR SERVICE ANIMALS! She should have thanked the VETERAN for serving and allowing her to live in a free country! She doesn’t even deserve to live in the U.S.A.! THANKS VETERAN FOR SERVING! MANY OF US APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR OUR COUNTRY! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR DOG!

  2. I think this lady was being a total jackass. During the whole video I heard no one using racial slurs. Go figure when proven how cruel and rude this women was she plays the race card.

  3. To the lady with the problem with the dog in the restaurant…. I support any one with a pet, and especially a service dog to come and are welcomed to eat at my table..I would much rather have a quiet pet sitting there than a screaming child that has a tantrum because he doesn’t get his way or throws things and disrupts the whole restaurant. Just because they are kids makes no excuse on how they act when they are out in public … When we were little we never thought of making a scene .. we just knew… Thanks Mom..


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