Dog Isn’t Allowed On The Bed. What He Does When Owner Isn’t Home Will Shock You!

The adorable dog in the video is not allowed on his owner’s bed. To ensure that the dog doesn’t climb up while the owner is out, she installed a nanny cam to check out what the dog is up to when she’s not home.

When she went out and only her dog and cat is left at home, the not-so-shocking revelation unveiled itself  and it is super hilarious. Her dog did exactly as she suspected and more!

I believe the owner had a hunch that her dog has been getting on the bed every time she leaves. Not sure what tipped it off–perhaps the paw prints? The smell? The hair?

The fact that dog is probably written all over the bed? LOL! Of course this little dog is gonna go super effin’ crazy on that fluffy bed. It’s his time to shine!

And it’s funny how the cat, who was already on the bed, almost scratched the dog’s face. There are some things that  you just can’t mess with! Go to the next page to see the naughty dog who got on his owner’s bed.


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