Lonely Dog Took In Four Homeless Kittens After The Passing Of His Cat Best Friend

Cats and dogs are stereotypes as mortal enemies, but many wonderful relationships have formed between the two species to prove the contrary. It doesn’t happen every time but it happens.

Flora, a husky, was inconsolable when her cat best friend passed away from old age. Flora became close with 20-year-old cat Dexter after he was taken in by the family to spend the remainder of his life in a comfortable environment.

Dexter and Flora instantly clicked. They hung out all the time. Their owner would always find them huddled up side by side.

Before meeting Flora, Dexter spent his time at the Best Friends Animal Society. We can all agree that animals who are at the end of their lives deserve a loving home to die in peace. Jill Williams, Flora and Dexter’s mom, is the manager of the rescue group.

Dexter eventually passed after two years of being with the family, and it left Flora devastated. She was visibly distressed.

“Flora was very worried and sad,” Jill Williams, Flora’s mom and a manager at Best Friends Animal Society, told The Dodo. “She paced around and whimpered. She spent a lot of time outside and did not want to come in. She would howl, which she rarely does, and it broke our hearts.”

The family adopted two kittens to fill the void in Flora’s heart. Unfortunately, the cats are unlike Dexter because they are not affectionate at all. Turn to the next page.


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